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5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Language Learning Centre

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Language Learning

Do you want your kid to learn Cantonese? Well, if you are living in Hong Kong, Cantonese is the language that you must be aware of. It’s one of the most expressive and fun languages. But the question is, how would you choose a language learning centre where you enrol your kid’s name?

When it comes to choosing a language learning centre, start by asking the following questions to narrow down your options. So, keep scrolling down!

Ask These Questions to Language Learning Centres

What is the Class Size?

A large number of students is not a bad thing. It will give your kid an opportunity to make new friends. Besides, they can form a study group outside the class. Many people sustain a negative thought that the larger the class is, the less attention your kid will get. But if the learning centre is trustworthy, you need not worry about it.

Does the Language Learning Centre Have a Track Record of Delivering Excellence?

In Hong Kong, you will find many Cantonese and Mandarin learning centres. But it’s important to know how the centres have been operating and their track record of success. A reliable centre will help kids reach their linguistic goals within the shortest possible time. They understand the challenges that international students face.

What is the Teacher’s Qualification?

Asking this question doesn’t mean you disrespect the trainers. It means how serious you are about your child. Hence, feel free to ask about the teacher’s qualifications. A renowned language learning centre usually has a team of highly qualified teachers. They have a lot of language-related degrees. And make sure they have years of experience in this profession.

What about the Environment?

It’s one of the most vital questions you need to ask before choosing a language learning centre. In Hong Kong, most language learning centres have a safe and professional environment. They aim to teach children with a lot of entertainment, such as singing, playing etc. Therefore, choose the centre that offers such facilities. It’s best to visit the school before enrolling your kid.

What Is the Cost?

This is the question that strikes your mind first, right? A reliable centre will never charge you extra. But before signing the paper, make sure you understand their pricing structure. Ask whether they charge extra for 1 to 1 lessons. In many centres, teachers can even come to your place. So, whatever the option you choose, pick a language learning centre that will teach your kid within your affordability. Otherwise, search elsewhere.

Hope, these guidelines will help you find a trusted language learning centre. But you can count on us. Fill out our enrollment form! We also offer parent-child classes.


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