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Our cantonese course teaches students how to live in an only Cantonese environment. During the studies, students can use the vocabulary not only on daily communication, but also in commercial or further studies. The course material is provided according to the students' needs. Students will know how to speak & understand during the Beginner and Intermediate level, read and write in the Advanced level.



Beginner Level- last for around 2-3 months(30+HRS), students can understand the daily expression which they can communicate with basic cantonese

Intermediate Level- last for few months (30+HRS), students can communicate only in Cantonese at this stage and start widening the vocabulary list as much as possible

Advanced Level- last for few months (30+HRS), students can read and write the Chinese characters starting from simple things

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Cantonese - Private 1 on 1 (face to face)

1) Flexible timing, flexible schedule

2) Learn at your own pace, tailor made lesson/course materials according to your needs

3) Enjoy 1 on 1 learning environment, minimize burden from others

4) Lesson at your office, home or our centre


Our Private Lesson is designed for students who cannot attend to a regular scheduled course or with special learning requirements. Our teacher will advise you the best level and course content at the very beginning of the course.
Course Fee 9 months valid
Course Fee 1 month valid
Private 1 on 1
Regular Group Class

Weekday Class

1) Either Non Peak Hour or Peak Hour

2) 2 hours each lesson and 2 lessons per week

3) Maximum: 6 students/ class


Weekend Class:

1) 2 hours each lesson and 1 lesson per week, Total: 30 hours for Beginner & 30 hours for intermediate and 30 hours for advanced level

2) Maximum: 6 students/ class


Our Group lessons run throughout the year. Students with similar level of Chinese language knowledge. Our classes are divided by non-mandarin speakers and mandarin speakers with knowledge of Chinese. They can interact with each other at same level in order to maximize the learning results.


Group Class Fee
Regular Group Class
Online training program
  • Flexibility in class scheduling and study anywhere anytime

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Customized Course Materials depending your personal and professional needs

  • Receive undivided attention from the teacher to maximize learning results

  • Qualified native speaking language teachers


Online Training Program
Father and Children
Parent Child Course

Suitable for beginners


This is the especially for the children between 5-10 years old. One or Two children

together with the parent or guardian can learn Cantonese by telling stories, flash cards,

word games, puzzles and etc...


Parent-Child Course
Parent Child Course
Summer Smoothies
Summer Intensive Course

Suitable for beginners


This is the intensive course tailored for the groups to pick up the basic Cantonese within 20 days. Interactive learning

Flash Card and game help students to memorize the words naturally

Emphasize on spoken Cantonese

Lifetime usage


Summer Course
Summer Intensive Course
Corporate training program

is specialized for employees to communicate in different languages. It is important to build up the relationships with customers or within the organizations.


Corporate Training Program
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