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Our teaching method is not using the traditional memorization method but using an interactive method which makes the students get more interested in learning and not giving up. Breaking the language barrier is not difficult, let's start to learn foreign language and recognizing their culture differences!

Our Philosophy

Communication is the most important part in our daily life. We are not only teaching the language but also teaching the students about the culture.

Work Colleagues
Our Teachers

Our teachers have been taught over 200 students in their past and developed their language which can be used for their daily lives and business development.


"I'm come from Okinawa in Japan and working in Hong Kong.

Now, I can understand what my HK colleagues are talking about.

Lesson can help me a lot! Thanks you very much. I am so enjoyable to have the lesson in Southern Language Centre."

Japanese, Design Manager

"It's quite good to me in learning Cantonese. I now can master the Cantonese after one year of Cantonese lesson. I don't have any language problem and it's nice that I can make a lot of Hongkongnese friends.

Fun learning Fun life!"

Taiwanese, Broker

Her mother:

Learning language is important nowadays. It is so common to speak English and Mandarin in HK. To become more competitive and successful, I sent my kid to a language school instead of playground.

5 years old kid

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