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5 Crucial Facts You Need to Know about Cantonese

Cantonese Lesson

Have you started living in Hong Kong? Then speaking Cantonese is one of your dreams. Right? Imagine how great it can be if you will talk to native Cantonese speakers with the right pronunciation and tones. Cantonese is the Chinese language spoken mainly in Southern China. It will benefit you a lot if you learn this language. But ensure you enrol your name in a reliable language learning centre. Prior to that, look at the crucial things you need to know about this language.

What You Need to Know about Cantonese

Hong Kong is the epicentre of Cantonese. Therefore, if you have recently shifted to this city, the time has come to learn Cantonese. Now, look at the key things about this language.

It’s a Tonal Language

In Cantonese, the tone and pronunciation affect the meaning of words. Cantonese has nine tones. But as a foreigner, you may not notice the difference between them at first. Therefore, when you learn it, it’s definitely one of the areas you need to focus on. Learning Cantonese can be challenging for those who are fluent in other Chinese languages.

Speaking Is Different from Writing

Spoken and written form is different in terms of Cantonese. The words you say are not the same as the words you write. But as a beginner, you should focus on speaking Cantonese to communicate with people. After that, learn writing, which can be a smart move.

It Includes Traditional Characters

Cantonese uses the traditional Chinese writing system. Hence, when learning it, it’s a must to know and remember the name of each character. It features logographic writing systems. And that is what may add a new challenge to its learning.

Distinctive Sounds

There are more distinctive sounds in Cantonese as compared to other Chinese languages. In Cantonese, there are various sounds that don’t have meaning in other languages. And it’s important to learn the pronunciation of each character.

Grammar Rules Are Simple

When learning Cantonese, you need not deal with the tense of verbs. The grammar is pretty straightforward. There is no gender in this language. Besides, you need not study the verb conjunction chart.

Stop thinking that Cantonese is a hard language. If you enrol in the right language learning centre like us, you can easily learn it within the shortest possible time. Our teachers always prioritize innovative techniques. So, contact us immediately.


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