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5 Easy Ways to Make Mandarin Learning Fun for Kids

Learning Mandarin at an early age is valuable indeed! It’s one of the most learned languages all over the world for both adults and kids. Mandarin isn’t just spoken in mainland China, of course! Places like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand have large Chinese populations.

Many parents think having good knowledge of Mandarin can help their children build careers successfully. Some of them also want their kids to give an insight into the Chinese culture. But learning Mandarin can be challenging.

Our brain works differently when it comes to learning Chinese characters. Hence, teach your kids in different approaches to making the learning process interesting. Below are the funny ways most language learning centres teach Mandarin to Kids.

A Few Kid-Friendly Ways to Learn Mandarin

Offering 1 to 1 Class to Make Learners Feel Comfortable

The core learning environment should be a positive and resourceful one. It’s crucial that our children should feel comfortable so they can enjoy the learning process. Remember, nothing will kill faster than hating what you are learning. And whether it’s for a child or an adult, it’s true for anyone. That is why most language learning centres in Hong kong nowadays offer 1 to 1 class to make children feel comfortable. It can be a valuable supplement to the main class.

Using Pictures

Kids are imaginative. They love to focus on cartoon pictures instead of words and sentences. Therefore, it can be challenging for many kids to improve learning by relying on textbooks. Therefore, many teachers in language learning centres resort to short stories based on cartoon pictures to enhance their knowledge of Mandarin grammar and vocabulary. Besides, exercises like choosing the right word to describe pictures will also help solidify their knowledge.

Playing Games

Kids are passionate about playing games. Hence, many teachers design games related to learning materials. But the game rules should be simple. For example, the best way to keep kids engaged in Mandarin learning through games is by asking them to guess riddles based on the description.

Showing Them Cartoons

Kids can spend a couple of hours watching cartoons without leaving their seats. So, why not provide them with an opportunity to get an enjoyable learning experience with them? Practising dialogues between two cartoon characters can help them apply the phrases they have learned in class. Chinese Cartoons feature basic vocabulary and grammar for children. Therefore, watching cartoons can stimulate a beginner’s interest in learning Mandarin.

Taking Group Classes

Some timed kids feel bored if they study Mandarin alone. But group class provides them with an opportunity to interact with other friends. And that is what makes Mandarin learning more exciting. They will complete language-related tasks with other learners, which can strengthen friendships and develop collectivism.

Final Words

China is playing a pivotal role in the international arena. And that is what makes Mandarin a popular foreign language across the globe. So, wait more! Enrol your kid’s name with us. We teach kids in a funny environment. Our class activities include lecturing, listening, pronunciation practices, role play, etc. want to explore more about us? Our parent-child lesson is for kids aged 5-10 years old.


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