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A Few Simple Steps for Beginners to Learn Cantonese

Cantonese Learning

Learning Cantonese for the first time can be intimidating. The words sound unfamiliar. The writing system seems like a bunch of scribbles. But you have to learn it as you're in Hong Kong now.

Of course, you need to associate with a reliable Chinese language learning school. But if you know the right strategies and set a solid routine, learning this language within a few short months can be possible. And that is what we have discussed in this blog. So, keep reading!

Tips to Learn Cantonese for Beginners

Listen to Cantonese Everyday

Listen to Cantonese podcasts every day. The more you listen to it, the more you will get used to the sounds. Then try listening and reading at the same time with the help of Jyutping. Ensure you focus on the tone markers. As a result, you will shortly become accustomed to different sounds and tones of Cantonese.

Increase Your Vocabulary

Increase your vocabulary to be more precise in Cantonese. Aside from listening to podcasts, watch TV shows and news to know which word you should use in which situations. When you come across a word, jot it down and make sure you know about its different usage. Remember, Cantonese is the language that will allow you to effectively communicate with the locals and truly understand the culture.

Practice Cantonese Tones

Cantonese is a tonal language. It means the tone of your voice affects the meaning of words and syllables you pronounce. And it requires practice if you are new to this tonal language. There are six tones which indicate which tone to say the syllable in.

Give Yourself a Mini Goal

When it comes to learning something, setting a goal is extremely beneficial. It will not help you with your progress and achievements but also keeps you on the right track. Set a short-term goal to keep you engaged and accelerate your progress. But ensure it's specific and measurable.

Want to learn Cantonese fast? We will help you in your endeavour. We have a team of highly trained teachers who hold a lot of degrees in foreign languages. Apart from providing 1to1 classes, we offer regular group classes and online training programs. So, fill out the enrollment form immediately!


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