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Cantonese Lessons - Why It’s Still Important to Learn!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

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So, you have finally shifted to Hong Kong! And you have to live in this city for years. But you are your kids are still not aware of a single word of Cantonese! Maybe, you think that you can manage everything by speaking in English. But if you don’t know the Cantonese language, you may face challenges in your day to day life.

Want to learn Cantonese? Here you will find many language learning centres that provide Cantonese courses. So, don’t waste your time. Enrol your name for parent-child classes. Prior to that, know why it’s still crucail to learn this language.

Reasons to Learn the Cantonese Language

Cantonese is the most spoken second Chinese language, also known as Yue. Many people think that it’s better to learn Mandarin Chinese. But if you want to delve deep into the culture of Hong Kong, you must know Cantonese. Besides, It’s also important for business.

Unlock Career Options

Do you know that Hong Kong is an important financial hub in Asia? Here, most jobs ask for language abilities in Cantonese. Therefore, whether it’s for you or your child, Cantonese abilities can be your asset in terms of job hunting. If you want to boost your CV, learning Cantonese is a must. Being familiar with this language and business environment can be the key to opening up your new career opportunity.

A Great Bridging Language

Cantonese is much more common in the Asian language in comparison to Mandarin. It retains many words and pronunciations from earlier Chinese, where many Asian languages have been developed. Therefore, Cantonese can be helpful for you if you want to learn multiple Asian languages.

Helps You Navigate the City

Do you have to struggle to find places while travelling? Then you should know the local language, like Cantonese, to ask for directions. Though English is the widely spoken language of Hong Kong, learning Cantonese can benefit you a lot. This language not only helps you navigate the city but also serves as a conversation starter with locals.

It’s Easy to Learn

The Cantonese language is straightforward. The rules of grammar are simpler than in other languages. There are no tenses like English and grammatical gender like French. This language is quite easy to speak when expressing yourself.

Facilitates Friendships with Locals

Want to know about the lifestyle of Hong Kongers? Then learn Cantonese, the go-to language in the everyday life of locals. An understanding of Cantonese can make your experience in the market, rural, and restaurants smooth. You will be able to make new friends in your area.

Enrich Travel Experience

Hing Kong is a city full of shopping markets, bars, etc. This crowded city attracts millions of visitors every year. Therefore, if you want to enjoy in-depth travel in this city and know about the cultural people, join a language learning centre.

Consider enrolling your name in Southern Language Centre. We provide Cantonese and Mandarin courses for kids. And in terms of child-parent classes, your kid should be aged 5-10 years old. All our teachers are highly experienced. So, rely on us!


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