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How Should Kids Learn Cantonese? 4 Efficient Ways!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Learning a new language is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of effort and time, especially for children. According to studies, children start comprehending words and phrases within a week with 15-30 minutes of practice each day. And they can name everyday objects within three months of practice.

Are you planning to admit your kid to a Cantonese course? There are several ways that will allow children to learn Cantonese easily. And these are what we have introduced in this blog. So, keep reading!

How Children Can Learn Cantonese Easily

The most important thing about teaching Cantonese is repetition. Besides, the environment of a language learning centre should be perfect, which boosts progress. Now, let’s have a look at a few efficient ways to learn this language.

Listening to Song

We always recommend listening to Cantonese songs repeatedly. It’s truly a good and effective way to learn this language quickly. Listening to the lyrics will help learners to be familiar with different words. And children will be more interested in learning with this approach. That is why many language learning centers in Hong Kong nowadays are learning towards this smart move.

Watching Cartoons

Watching and listening to their favourite animate stories is easier for children to focus on what they are learning. Here, the repetition of vocabulary and phrases will make it easier for them to recall everything they learn. Hence, many language learning centres structure their classes by watching videos with English subtitles.

Book Activities

Who doesn’t love stories and adventures? Hence, reading Cantonese children's books and stories can be a great resource for learners to learn faster. Audiobooks can help them distinguish and compare the difference in sound and tones in both English and Cantonese. For younger beginners, reading books and doing role plays with cartoon characters will encourage them to learn more. Besides, the instructors of many language learning centres organize various games to boost their memory.

Creating an Appropriate Cantonese Environment

Creating a Cantonese environment in a home is simple. It includes playing audiobooks, videos, Cantonese cartoons, and more. The best option is to talk to each other in Cantonese. And this can be highly beneficial if you also join this class with your kid.

So, wait no more! If you and your kid want to learn Cantonese, contact us immediately! We provide group and 1 to 1 lessons. So, fill out our enrolment form. And keep reading our other blogs.


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