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What Are The Reasons For Doing A Cantonese Course?

Cantonese Course

You are already aware of how different the Cantonese language is compared to Western languages. After all, it is a tonal language with a writing system based on 3000-4000 Chinese characters. This language may sound complicated, but it is not hard to master if you use the right approach and tools. Moreover, doing a Cantonese course can open up lots of opportunities that enable you to experience the local culture.

Here are the top reasons why you should do a Cantonese course.

Know the Reasons for doing A Cantonese Course

Unlock more career options

Being familiar with the Cantonese language can open up several opportunities for your career. That is because it is a widespread language including in many Asian countries where it is commonly the main variety of Chinese spoken.

Easy to learn

Cantonese and Mandarin have a lot in common. Unless written in colloquial language, Cantonese is indistinguishable from Mandarin in written form, although Cantonese speakers often prefer traditional characters with oversimplified characters. It is a lot easier for those who know mandarin.

It is fun to learn!

Doing a Cantonese course is fun. The Cantonese language has a song-like quality to its many tones and sentence-final particles. It is also known for its colourful slang, which makes learning very interesting.

Plus, being able to read and write the Cantonese language means that you won't need any subtitles or dubbing to watch Hong Kong classics.

It will connect you with others

Learning Cantonese will also help you communicate with the locals. Able to speak and hear Cantonese can make your experience in the market and restaurants smooth. You will be able to make new friends in your area through such a language.

It will help you to try out local dishes

Knowing Cantonese will make your visits to restaurants and local food stalls more enjoyable. Plus, you will also try the famous dim sum, other Cantonese foods and snacks like fish balls, egg tarts etc.

Learning Cantonese will train your brain

According to studies studying another language can improve your memory and brain function. Speaking more than one language help to sharpen your brain. For example-bilinguals perform better than monolingual speakers. Bilinguals are also efficient in long-term memory tasks.

Helps to travel

Learning Cantonese from an institution itself is an advantage. A professional institution will help you speak like a pro in countries where Cantonese is an official language.

Bottom line

If you consider enrolling your name in a Cantonese course, we will provide you with highly experienced teachers. So contact us as we will offer you the best Cantonese learning experience.


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