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4 Common Pitfalls to Eliminate When Learning Mandarin

Mandarin Course

Making mistakes is inevitable when learning a new language. Failing is actually a way to remind ourselves we are learning. And when it comes to learning Mandarin, committing mistakes is pretty common as the sound and syntax of the words are completely different from English.

So, as an English speaker, if you want to enrol your name in a Mandarin course, make sure you avoid the following mistakes. It can be quite helpful When acquiring Mandarin fluency.

Avoid These Mistakes When Learning Mandarin

Not Putting Topics at First

In English, we start an English sentence with a subject. Then we mention the verb and what happened afterwards. But in mandarin, everything revolves around the object. And that makes it challenging for English speakers to organize a sentence in Mandarin. In this language, the topic should be a crucial element.

In English, if you say ‘I like Coffee’, the correct order for this expression in Mandarin is ‘coffee, I like’.

Giving Excessive Info

Mandarin is efficient in comparison to other languages. In a sentence, if there is a grammatical component that is not important, you need not say it. If you translate, ‘hello, please give me one glass of water’ into Mandarin, it should sound like ‘hello, please, one, glass, water, give, me’. Try to interact with the local people in Hong Kong to get more accuracy.

Not Learning Chinese Culture

Understanding Chinese culture will help you communicate with the local people effectively. Pay attention to how they speak in their native language. In English, we say ‘Please’ to show politeness. But in Mandarin, it’s not necessary to use it when you want to be polite. Learn which word you should use in which situations.

Spending Little Time with the Language

Many people in Hong Kong underestimate the benefits of spending time with the language. According to a study, if you listen to a foreign language daily, your brain can create new neural pathways. The ability to learn new words is equivalent to the level of exposure to the different sounds of the language. Listening to Mandarin songs and watching movies may not replace your study but can supplement it.

Want to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong? Enrol your name with us! We have a team of highly trained teachers who hold a lot of degrees in foreign languages. Apart from 1 to 1 classes, we offer online training programs and regular group classes. So, contact us and fill out the enrolment form.


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