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Want to Learn Mandarin? Here’s How to Improve Your Tones!

Learning Mandarin

Do you feel frustrated that the people around you in Hong Kong can’t understand what you say due to the wrong tones? As a beginner, it’s hard to make your Mandarin sound as same as native speakers. Of course, you have to enrol your name in a Mandarin course. But in this blog, we have highlighted a few simple ways to improve your tones. So, let’s check them out!

How to Improve Your Mandarin Tones

Tones are actually the difference in pitch that changes the meaning of spoken syllables. They are used to differentiate between different words. However, the four tones of Mandarin are widely known. But you will also hear the fifth tone that is light or de-emphasized. It means you need not give the same amount of stress for it. And this tone is a bit shorter than others.

Start Simple

Start with 1,2,3 in Chinese as you learn English, like A, B, and C. The sounds of Chinese numbers are simple. Hence, it can be a good start. You can watch videos to know how you will learn it in a funny way. When learning Mandarin tones, start with simple words, phrases, and sentences.

Remember the Tricks to Pronounce Tones

The first tone of Mandarin is the flat tone that you need to pronounce in a high and steady voice. The rising tone is like you are saying yes or what. The third one is the falling-rising tone you can pronounce correctly by moving your head. The fourth one is the falling tone which is used when you are angry.

Speak Slowly

If you speak Mandarin slowly, you will not make mistakes. It's because you will be more aware of the tones when speaking. The more you practice, the more you can speak fast over time. Learning Mandarin is truly beneficial nowadays. That is why Hong Kong students focus on learning Mandarin. And if you have shifted to Hong Kong, you should also teach this language to your kids, which can be beneficial for their careers.

Find a Language Learning Centre

It’s best to enrol your name in a reliable language learning centre to learn Mandarin. Here, the professional teachers, you meet, focus on innovative ways to teach Mandarin. As a result, you can learn it faster.

Hopefully, these tips will help you learn Mandarin within a short time. And that is where we help. The mandarin course we offer is for non-Chinese speakers who want to learn it efficiently. So, contact us immediately! And keep your eyes on our blog posts!


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